Photo of a young family spending morning together

American’s today have more debt than ever before and it is affecting not only everyday lives of families, but the economy as well. When families are drowning in debt, they have less money to spend on shopping and going out into the community to spend and enjoy like they would if they didn’t have to pay constant debt.

There is no doubt that this will end up affecting the economy. All businesses small and large rely on consumers to spend on their products in order to thrive. There are things families can do to try to get out of debt and start to have an expendable budget, but staying out of debt in this economy is difficult as well. For the first time in history, the cost of living has gone up so much that working American’s can’t seem to keep up! What was once considered a large salary is now leaving families in debt and living paycheck to paycheck.


Small and large businesses rely on customers coming in and buying their products. When consumers don’t have enough money to spend in stores, it puts stress on the businesses and becomes a domino effect.

Leisurely Activities

Being a part of the community, going on weekend trips, vacations with family and friends, going out to eat, etc … These are all things people love to do in their free time. Unfortunately they are also some of the first activities to be eliminated in a tight budget for families and individuals with debt. When people cut these things out of their budgets, the businesses who support this lifestyle start to hurt as much as the consumers are. All of these things will lead to businesses having more debt, and eventually closing down. All of these things help the economy take a turn for the worst!

There is hope! Consumers and businesses can take control of their financial futures and get in control of their debt.

Debt Consolidation

If you are an individual or business owner with debt that is too much for you to pay, but your debt is in good standing, a debt consolidation loan may be the right answer for you! When you apply for a debt consolidation loan, you can turn all of your endless minimum payments into one payment! You may also qualify for a lower interest rate. This will make it so you don’t have to pay so much interest on your purchases, which is always a positive!

Debt Settlement

When businesses and individuals have any amount of debt in collections, it can cause a lot of stress. Rather than letting it go and continuing to be hounded by collection agencies or going bankrupted, you can either try to settle your debt on your own or call a settlement agency to help negotiate the amount and set up affordable payments for the new amount.

There are always options to help yourself and your business. The sooner Americans get in control of their debt, the faster we will see the economy start to get better!