Our debt relief program can help you live debt-free life. Call us to get out of debt

At Compass Debt Relief we work with clients who have debt in collections to set up a debt relief program for them. There is no limit and no minimum to the amount of debt the client has to have in order to qualify for the program. We work with anyone who has debt in collections.

The process starts with a consultation to go over what bills the client has in collections and how much each bill is for and how many payments the client thinks they would like to make on the settled amount.

We will then contact the debt collections agencies for the client to confirm that they have the correct amount and to start the negotiation process.

Once the negotiations are over we will present the client with the settled amount and confirm the amount of payments we were able to set up with the collection agency.

Last, we will enter the client into the system with the third party bank and set up the monthly payments to pay off the settlement.