It can be very difficult to try to figure out how to have fun in your free time without spending a lot of money! Though going on vacations and shopping sprees are definitely enjoyable, they are not always an option for couples, families and singles on a budget! Even though you are trying to stop over spending, that does not mean you have to give up on having fun! Here are the top 5 activities you can do on a budget that are still fun!

1. Spa Day at Home!

– Most people enjoy going to the spa and relaxing for the day, but it can be very pricey! If you are wondering what to do today with your significant other, girlfriends or even your kids, here’s an option that can be both fun and relaxing.

– Use water beads to dip your hands and feet in for a manicure and pedicure.

– Give each other back rubs

– Make beanbags and heat them up to put on your neck

– Take a bubble bath (in bathing suits depending on the company!)

2. Try New Recipes!

– Cooking on your own, with friends and family can often be a fun and tasty adventure! Take some time to have a fun day or evening in the kitchen to try out some new things!

Baking projects with the kids: It’s always fun to try new things with the kids! Make cookies or a cake and have them decorate!

Family Dinner: Have the kids help you make dinner! They get to try out their cooking skills and you all get to enjoy a fun activity as a family! Pizza night: Creating your own pizza is fun for all! Doesn’t matter if it’s a kids night or a night in with your friends. Enjoy being creative and eating the fruits of your labor after!

– Taco Bar: It can be fun to mix and match all of the fun items that go along with a taco bar. Why not have fun with friends and family while you create new options!

Date Night: cook together and enjoy the dinner you created as a couple.

3. Do Something Creative!

– Make a blanket using old t-shirts or felt

 – Paint/draw a picture

– Make your own gifts for family and friends

4. Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

– Go for a hike in free outdoor spaces

– Go for a swim at the beach or town pool

 – Take a ride on your bike through the park

 – Go for a run, train for a race!

– Try a play or movie in the park

There are always things to do to have fun in your free time, even if you’re on a tight budget! Be creative and you will find there is plenty to do without breaking the bank!