In many cases we have all just accepted that our paycheck will come in and go out before we ever get to see it! Many American’s today are overwhelmed by bills and can’t imagine life costing less than it does currently. Although I would love so say “Everyone gets a raise!” That is not real life…but there are ways to make life less expensive! A few small changes to your current financial situation can make a huge difference in terms of making life easier as well as less expensive!

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Cut down on eating out and ordering in:

Eating out and ordering in are faster and easier than staying in and cooking all the time, but they are also much more unhealthy and a lot more expensive! Even for those of us who hate cooking can do it these days. There are apps that support those of us who are not the “chef” in the family. It is a great way to cut down on weekly expenses. Most take out places even charge extra when the food is being delivered. Even if it says free delivery, you can bet the extra cost is built into the cost of your meal. Using apps such as Gubhub and Seamless are easy, but they come at a price!

Find Low Budget Activities:

Explore the outdoors! Go for a hike or for a walk at the beach! There are always activities you can do that are local and low budget. You can also look at community boards to find out when parks are showing free movies and enjoy the evening with some popcorn.

Cut Down on the Coffee Runs:

Those Starbucks and DD runs add up! It may not seem like you are spending a lot from day to day, but if you add up how much you are spending each week on coffee you would not believe what it comes out to!! Making a cup of coffee at home, you will be saving enough money to make your budget feel much more roomie within a short amount of time.

Have a “Staycation”:

Sometimes it can be the most fun to have a vacation locally! You can explore your area and find fun low budget activities to do. Just taking a few days off from work and making it a long weekend at home where you can “Nexflix and chill” can also be a great time! Just make a plan to get away from your hectic life for a few days and you and your wallet will thank yourself later! 

Make Sure You Have The Best Price:

We all know we can’t cut every expense out of our lives, that would just be too simple…but you can make sure you are not over paying for the things you do need to keep spending on. Make sure your phone, internet and streaming service are not costing you too much. Check that the grocery store you are using isn’t over charging for your produce. There are apps to help price compare when shopping online and you can even download add-ons that automatically find you the best coupon!

Stick To A Budget:

Sit down with your finances and make sure you know exactly how much is coming in and going out each month. Make sure you stick to the amount you have set to spend, so you can put money away and pay off bills. Sticking to a budget makes it much easier to make life less expensive because it keeps you organized and aware of what you are spending and saving at all times.

Use A Budgeting App To Budget and Pay Off Debt:

Using an app to help pay your bills down can be a great option for making life less expensive because it will help you set up your budget and pay off the bills that make keeping to a budget difficult. Some of these apps will help you figure out how to pay off your bills in a way that you can afford and that can help your credit score. Taking yourself out of debt using a guide can make climbing out of debt a much easier process.

Cut Down On The Cost Of Grocery Shopping:

Rather than doing one big shopping for the week, try to only shop for what you need. This will cut down on the cost of a large shopping trip and you won’t buy food you don’t need as easily. You can also make sure to shop with coupons and price compare with other supermarkets so you know you are getting the best price for the groceries you are buying.

Cut Out The Bills You Don’t Need:

Sit down and go over all of your current bills. Make sure you are not paying for things you really don’t need. Small monthly payments can add up and if they are unneeded expenses, you can save that money or put it towards paying down other unwanted bills.

Use Cash Back Apps:

There are apps that will not only help you find sales, but that will also pay you to shop! Try to shop smart and see if you can get money back from your purchases.

Use A Bank That Pays A Higher Interest Rate:

Some banks pay more interest to you for keeping your money there than others. Make sure you are getting the interest you deserve for saving your money!

Use Store Brand Products:

We all love our special brand products, but you can very often find store brand products that are just as good as the name brand products. They are often a lot less expensive and just as good!